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What People are Saying

A range of unique and original pieces by Patrick Macaulay are available to purchase on Etsy. We offer free delivery within the UK, please ask about delivery elsewhere.


“Sometimes you just hang it up and it speaks for itself. This piece does that. It catches your eye because it’s colorful and looks like a tattered flag, but then you look closer and the damage described is much worse. But can it be repaired? Will we all recover? We won’t forget. That is for sure. Thank you Patrick.” – Lisa

Lisa purchased, A Black Hole (In American History)

As usual, Patrick’s work is unique and vibrant, lighting up the room when I hang it. This is my third piece so I guess I am officially a collector. I look forward to the fourth
Etsy Customer
We have bought artwork from Patrick previously & can highly recommend! Love our most recent purchase!
Matthew Lewis
Etsy Customer

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