Patrick’s love of typography stems from the pre-digital days of Letterpress printing when he worked as a Compositor setting metal type on a printer’s chase and assembling text and illustrations for printing. He uses hand-crafted wooden letters often arranged in letter-press style in a printers chase to create individual art pieces or uses his wooden letters as stencils to create typographic images.

Patrick Macaulay Artist
Patrick Macaulay in his studio

While Patrick’s work is predominantly related to letter forms it is also heavily influenced by street art, faded lettering on old buildings and worn or damaged signage and street advertising. He uses reclaimed timber as his canvas adding rusted metal and using enamel paint to create urban art that lends itself to be viewed either indoors or outdoors.

Many of Patrick’s pieces can be classed as Americana and relate to USA events and traditions, he has travelled extensively within the USA and has a love American roots/Hillbilly music. Americana is portrayed through paintings and assemblages including many variations of the American flag and are typically overlaid with typography containing subtle commentary.

His work has attracted interest in Texas where he has sold a number of pieces for installation in corporate offices and private apartments. Clients with brutalist style apartments are particularly attracted by the texture and real life feel of his work and those with American themed diners enjoy the vibrancy of his pieces. The piece ‘America Ah!’ recently featured in the Baltimore based magazine Exponent II.


Solo exhibition in Artspace, Koffee Pot, Manchester.
Solo exhibition at 2022NQ, Manchester Dec 3rd 2015 to Jan 6th 2016
‘ToThe Letter’ 2013 at the Platform Gallery, Clitheroe, Manchester in 2013
‘The Open Contemporary’ 2012 and 2013 at Stockport Art Gallery
White Circle Art 2012-2013 at a private investment bank in Manchester.
‘Britain’s Got Artists’ 2012 at Leeds City Art Gallery
EAC Art Awards 2012 People’s Choice Award 2nd place out of 1800 entries


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